True or false: Flea and Worm products explained

Can you give your cat and dog the same treatments?
False. Some dog flea and tick products can be toxic to cats, especially if they have a product called pyrethrin, which is in higher levels in dog products. Products labelled “for dogs only” should never be used on cats.

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Are 2 in 1 (flea and worming) treatments less effective, then a treatment with a single focus?
False. Two in one treatments are just as effective as single treatments, they just have multiple active ingredients in them and have been developed to be as easy to administer as possible. It’s important that whatever treatment you give to your pet, that you give it regularly and don’t let them lapse. If you observe parasites on your dog that your current medication does not treat, don’t delay in seeing your vet.

Do flea and tick collars really work?
True. Flea collars are another form of product to control fleas however the efficacy and the safety can vary depending on the product. Newer collars tends to have better efficacy and safety. Any flea collar can potentially be problematic if there are other pets in the household who has tendency to lick or chew each other’s collars.

Can’t you just remove ticks and fleas when you see then, why do you need a treatment?
False. There are lots of immature stages of fleas all around us and unfortunately what you see on your pet only comprises of 5% of the whole population. This is why it is important to use flea preventative products on your pet regularly. As for ticks, they can be fatal and it is very important for the owners to go and consult with their vet rather than just removing them. For continuous help with outbreaks, it is best to take a regular treatment or see your vet for advice.

Is a tablet the best treatment for fleas or something topical (pipette)?
Both. Both tablet and topical formulations are effective products for flea control. It is more important that the product is used for all the animals in the house at a regular interval as fleas are present all year around.

If I use flea products all year round, I will not see any fleas on my pet.
False. 95% of immature stages of fleas are found in the environment and unfortunately during warmer season, a lot of these will hatch out into adult fleas. Whether you see fleas on your pet will depend on how many are present in their environment. By having a flea product on your pet, it will ensure that the adult fleas that jump onto your pet will be killed.

Flea products only needs to be applied when you see them on your pet.
False. Fleas are active all year around and if you have untreated pet, they will allow ongoing supply of immature fleas for your environment. For this reason, it is very important to treat your pet all year around. It can take much longer to remove all the fleas in the environment if you only treat them when you see them on your pet.

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