• squeaky disc

    Squeaky Disc

    • Squeaks when played with
    • Ideal for a game of fetch
    • With it’s bright neon colours it’s easy to find at the park
  • safari sounds

    Safari Sounds

    • Exercises your pets heart and lungs
    • Keeps your pet entertained for hours
    • Easy to clean
  • mini oinker

    Mini Oinker

    • Designed for your small dog or puppy with all the features of the larger Oinker
    • Keeps your pet amused for hours
  • squeaky fetcher

    Squeaky Fetcher

    • Squeaks when played with
    • Ideal for dogs that love playing with sticks but want a safer option (without the splinters!)
  • squeaky dumbell

    Squeaky Dumbell

    • Perfect for a game of fetch
    • Produces a squeaky sound when played with
  • squeaky spiral

    Squeaky Spiral

    • Squeaks when played with
    • Great for building a bond with your dog during playtime
  • whacky duck

    Whacky Duck

    • Combats boredom
    • Great for tug-a-war games
    • Suitable for dogs of all ages
  • tri ball

    Tri – Ball

    • Stimulates the inquisitive nature of your dog
    • Designed to keep your dog alert and happy during playtimes
    • Exercises their heart and lungs
  • mini sqawking duck

    Mini Squawking Duck

    • “Squawks” when squeezed
    • Perfect for little mouths and small breed dogs
  • squawking duck

    Squawking Duck

    • Stimulates your dog’s inquisitive nature
    • Exercises their heart and lungs
    • “Squawks” qhen squeezed – like a real duck!