• chase & play

    Chase & Play

    • Perfect for an indoor game of cat and mouse
    • Pull and release mechanism allows your cat to pounce, chase and play safely
  • shiny dangler

    Shiny Dangler

    • Material detailing is designed to attract and fascinate your cat
    • Uses their natural predatory nature of hunting and trapping
    • Allows you to dangle the toy away from sharp claws.
  • scamper mouse

    Scamper mouse

    • Interactive mechanical toy
    • Stimulates your cat’s instinctive nature
  • feathery friends

    Feathery Friends

    • Fun, kitty play pack
    • Contains catnip scent that cats love!
    • Each toy has a different sensory element to engage you cat – crinkle, bells, lights & squeaky noises
  • bounce and pounce

    Bounce ‘n’ Pounce

    • Interactive cat toy to encourage play and exercise
    • Squeaks & lights up at the slightest movement
    • Available in a pig, chicken or sheep.