Preparation & Bathing

Remove the knots and tangles.

It is important to comb or brush your pet to remove any knots and tangles prior to bathing. This allows for all loose hair, dirt and debris to be removed from the coat, and minimises any matting that may occur. Grooming your pet prior to bathing can also help to calm your pet so that the bathing process is more enjoyable for the both of you.

slicker brush

Slicker Brush

  • Removes knots & tangles prior to bathing
  • Stimulates the hair follicles for a healthy, shiny coat
  • Suitable for all dogs & cats.

Brush & Styling

De-shed, removing the loose undercoat. Style as desired.

All cats shed loose hair, even short-coat breeds. Once your pet’s coat is completely dry, de-shed to remove any remaining loose undercoat or dead hair. Trim your pet’s coat for a healthy, tidy look.

cat brush

Cat Brush

  • Polishes & promotes a healthy shiny coat
  • Soft bristles to remove loose hair
  • For Cats
flea control comb

Flea Control Comb

  • Fine set teeth to removes fleas & their eggs
  • Suitable for Cats & Dogs
grooming scissors

Grooming Scissors

  • For easy trimming & shaping of all coats
  • Ball tipped for sensitive areas
  • Suitable for all dogs & cats
combo brush

Combo Brush

  • Great for everyday grooming
  • Ball tip side penetrates the undercoat to remove loose hair & debris
  • Bristle side polishes, stimulating hair follicles for a healthy, shiny coat
  • Suitable for all dogs & cats

Nail Care

Trim your pet’s nails to complete the grooming process.

Regular nail clipping will prevent discomfort or pain for both the pet and owner.

nail clippers

Nail Clippers

  • Curved cutting edge gives a clean cut
  • Safety clip to prevent over cutting
  • Suitable for cats